General Dynamics' SATCOM Technologies has completed a major upgrade of primary and backup satellite control facilities in Vietnam to support that country's VINASAT-2 satellite communications program.

The work was completed in support of prime contractor Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems of Newtown, Pennsylvania.

S. Berkay Tuncturk, Director of Special Programs for SATCOM Technologies' San Jose, California facility, said, "The VINASAT-2 contract required the installation of a new 13-Meter limited motion antenna, a new RF system, RF equipment shelter, test equipment and spares at the primary Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) site near Hanoi. Other work at the primary control site included installation of a new satellite Monitor and Control (M&C) system, a tunable test loop translator and an upgraded voice communication system to support VINASAT-1 and 2 operations."

"SATCOM Technologies also upgraded an existing backup satellite control facility near Ho Chi Minh City to support the system's TT&C requirements," Tuncturk said. "That work included replacing the existing M&C system with a new system and providing redundant TT&C equipment to support backup VINASAT-1 and 2 operations."

The VINASAT-2 telecommunications satellite, designed and built by Lockheed Martin for the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), was launched earlier this year and is now ready for service following successful on-orbit deployment and checkout of all spacecraft systems.

Joseph Duller, General Manager of SATCOM Technologies' San Jose Facility, said, "VINASAT-2 joins VINASAT-1, launched in 2008, to form a comprehensive satellite network for Vietnam and neighboring countries. "The two satellites offer 36 Ku-band and 8 C-band transponders to provide robust uplink and downlink coverage," he said.

"The primary and backup ground stations SATCOM Technologies installed provide a major capability upgrade for VNPT delivering reliable satellite control, faster and more secure uplink and downlink support and improved redundant capability to ensure continuity of service for years to come," Duller added.

"SATCOM Technologies has more than 40 years experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning satellite earth stations - more than any other company," Duller said. "At any installation, we are able to provide a complete, cost-effective solution from within the product mix of our own company, or easily integrate products from third-party suppliers to best meet our customer's requirements."

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