General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is supplying earth station antennas for a GSM backhaul network deployed in Pakistan by Supernet Ltd. for one of the region's leading GSM service providers.

Supernet Ltd., Pakistan's leading satellite service provider, will provide GSM backhaul services over satellite for a network consisting of more than 15 sites spread over the mountainous northern areas of Pakistan and the difficult terrain in the south west of Pakistan. The focal point of this network will be a Hub site populated with a 6.3-Meter C-Band antenna from SATCOM Technologies. In addition, all remote terminals will use SATCOM Technologies' highly reliable 3.8-Meter C-Band antennas. The services will enable the GSM operator to extend its mobile services to the remote areas of Pakistan that are un-reachable through any other transmission medium.

With more than 17 years of experience, Supernet has deployed numerous satellite based networks including four very large GSM backhaul networks operating in the country. Supernet also operates a shared IP based VSAT service in Pakistan.

Mr. Imran Malik, CEO of Supernet Limited, said, "We are extremely satisfied with our association with General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies. They are a world class company with a commitment to customer support and quality. In the past few years we have delivered many large networks based on General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies products. Their technologies have played a vital role in our growth."

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