July 26
, 2007

New VertexRSI-brand Tunable Ku-Band LNB, Triband BUC and enhanced ModuMAX SSPAs enable flexible, cost-effective satellite communications

Three leading electronic products produced by General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies' VertexRSI brand are providing versatile and cost-effective solutions for government and commercial satellite communications applications.

The new TLNB12000X band-switching Ku-band low noise block down converter (LNB) is specially designed for satellite earth station and other telecommunications applications. Using state-of-the-art HEMT and GaAs FET technology, the block converter supports fixed and transportable terminals. The tunable LNB's features include full-Ku-band coverage, low noise temperature, phase-locked oscillator, reverse polarity protection, a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +70° C and is INTELSAT/EUTELSAT compliant. Click Here to download the Tunable LNB data sheet.

The Triband Block Up Converter (TBUC6814N) is an outdoor system that converts an L-band input signal to C, X or Ku-band. Based upon the VertexRSI brand's field-proven BUC modules, the TBUC6814N features a modular architecture for ease of maintenance. Housed in a NEMA-4X weatherproof enclosure, the TBUC6814N is designed for use in transportable terminals. Click Here to download the Triband BUC data sheet.

Finally, the Company's popular ModuMAX SSPA systems offer earth station operators substantial cost savings by eliminating the need for spare power amplifiers or redundant switchover networks.

The ModuMAX SSPA is reliable and extremely fault-tolerant. With the ModuMAX series, one fault-tolerant SSPA can replace two power amplifiers for a huge savings in installation and operating costs. The ModuMAX SSPA consists of eight identical, fully interchangeable RF plug-in modules that are conveniently accessible from the front panel. On the standard ModuMAX products, complete failure of a module causes a drop of only 1.2 dB in output power without the momentary loss of signal caused by redundant switchover systems. Defective modules can be hot-swapped while the SSPA continues to operate.

New ModuMAX optional features added this year include Automatic Level Compensation (ALC) and Single Module Failure Compensation (SMFC). ALC allows customers to maintain a constant output level as input level varies. SMFC offsets the failure of an RF module by increasing the gain of the other modules to maintain output power. Click Here to download the ModuMAX SSPA data sheet.  

Jeff Porter, general manager of SATCOM Technologies' Standard Products, said, "SATCOM operators need electronic products that do more, cost less and are more reliable than ever before. Our new Tunable LNB, Triband BUC and our proven ModuMAX SSPAs are adding to VertexRSI's reputation for innovation and reliability."


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