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Intuitive screens offer more flexibility for Network Monitor and Control System Users

SATCOM Technologies' NetMAC® Network Monitor and Control System has been upgraded with a number of stand-out improvements to make it the M&C system of choice.

DeWayne Gray, SATCOM Technologies Product Line Manager, said, "We've made a number of changes to the NetMAC® software to make it more flexible and easier to use.

"We’ve added a new GUI Interface updated to take advantage of the most current tools available. This new interface displays screens with typical tree views and folder windows. The new NetMAC® software can use any image to create highly intuitive screens for the user."

SATCOM Technologies' NetMAC® M&C system offers a host of standard features found only as options on other M&C systems including:

  • Macros and Scripting Capability
  • History Collection
  • SNMP Agent
  • Report Generation
  • Screen Editor
  • GUI Driver Writing Tool
  • Live Data Graphing
  • "Pop-through" Windowing
  • Task Scheduling
  • Customizable On-Line Help
  • Built In protocol Analyzer

"In addition," Gray said, "the new NetMAC® uses very small but powerful input/output or I/O managers located near the RF equipment for gathering status and relaying commands to the equipment. The I/O managers use a fraction of the power that traditional Front End Processors or FEPs use. I/O Managers do not require fans to keep cool and have a MTBF of approximately 100,000 hours compared to the 30,000 hours of FEPs."

General Dynamics' NetMAC® Network Monitor and Control System is a complete management tool for a wide range of telecommunications systems. Combining proven off-the-shelf solutions with customized engineering for each application, NetMAC® provides cost effective and powerful central control of network operations.

NetMAC® is designed to manage communications systems at either a single site or through a network having multiple remote locations communicating through a single hub, multiple hubs, or a hubless mesh network. NetMAC® can be configured to work within any existing topology and can easily expand to meet future growth requirements.

Click here to download the NetMAC® data sheet.


For more information on General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies' NetMAC® Network Monitor and Control System contact DeWayne Gray, Product Line Manager, at +1-972-852-5277 or via e-mail at DeWayne.Gray@gdsatcom.com.

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