General Dynamics' SATCOM Technologies is conducting a special 'Customer Appreciation Sales Incentive' for its line of Medium Fixed Antenna standard products through October 31.

Variable discounts of up to 10% based on SATCOM Technologies' catalog or web-price listings are now being offered for the Company's standard, medium fixed antenna products. Most products can be shipped within 30 days of an accepted order. In addition, all sales incentive products are covered by General Dynamics' industry standard three-year warranty. An extended five-year warranty is offered if customers purchase installation of the antennas through SATCOM Technologies' technical services.

Alan Pollard, Manager of SATCOM Technologies Antenna Product Line, said, "We're offering discounts on our popular, field-proven 3.8 to 9.0-Meter medium fixed antennas. Orders placed before October 31 will receive discounts up to 10 percent. The antennas are standard products that are ideally suited for simultaneous transmit and receive or receive only applications. The antennas are FCC, ITU-580, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Anatel and MILSTD-188-164 compliant which makes them suitable for a wide variety of global commercial broadcast and military applications."

Extended Warranty Offered
All of the antennas included in the sales initiative are covered under General Dynamics' standard three-year warranty. However, those customers who purchase installation of purchased antennas through SATCOM Technologies' Technical Services may receive an extended five-year warranty.

Products Ready-to-Go
SATCOM Technologies' 3.8-, 4.8-, 6.3-, 7.3-, and 9.0-Meter antennas operate in frequencies up to Ka-band. The Company's C and Ku-Band versions are designated 'Ready-to-Go' products because they can be delivered within 30-days of an accepted order. Ka-band versions of these antennas can be delivered between 60 and 90 days depending upon the antenna size.

Antennas included in the SATCOM Technologies' Sales Incentive are:

  • 3.8 Meter (PM), C and Ku-Band
  • 3.8 Meter (VX), C and Ku-Band
  • 4.8 Meter (PM), C and Ku-Band
  • 4.8 Meter (KP), C and Ku-Band
  • 4.8 Meter, Ka-Band
  • 6.3 Meter (KX), C and Ku-Band
  • 6.3 Meter, Ka-Band
  • 7.3 Meter (KX), C and Ku-Band
  • 9.0 Meter (KP and KX), C and Ku- Band
  • 9.0 Meter, Ka-Band

The deep discounts apply to those Medium Fixed Antenna standard products that offer Post Mount (PM), Kingpost Mount (KP), Motorized Pedestal Mount (VX) and Extended Travel Kingpost Mount (KX) positioning features.

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