June 21
, 2007

VertexRSI Product Supports Mobile Commercial SATCOM Applications

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is introducing a new 3.9-Meter Folding Mobile Antenna (FMA) to complement the VertexRSI product line of mobile antennas.

The new transmit/receive antenna is being developed to support the commercial market place and applicable government requirements for a high performance, cost effective SATCOM solution. Click Here to see a video clip of the new antenna design.

Jeff Porter, general manager of SATCOM Technologies' products business, said, "SATCOM Technologies' VertexRSI brand has designed and delivered several folding antenna versions over the past 30 years and this antenna combines all the best features into the ultimate product."

The 3.9-M FMA's superior shaped dual reflector surfaces coupled with the high gain horns have been optimized to provide the highest sidelobe and cross-pol performance at C, X, Ku and Ka-band frequencies. The unique, light-weight aluminum composite reflector is designed to be quickly deployed by one person in less than 20 minutes. The reflector unlatches and quickly folds to a very compact transit package to allow aircraft and highway transport without the need for cumbersome tools, loose hardware or unsafe access into the reflector.

The new 3.9 FMA's structure was developed specifically as a COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) product to meet the stringent tracking requirements associated with narrow beams at high frequencies and de-pointing loads seen in heavy winds. The rigid jack driven elevation and near zero backlash gear driven azimuth axes are fully motorized and designed for full tracking operations. The distinctive pedestal geometry rotates the antenna into a highly compact transport arrangement for mounting to trucks or trailers. The light-weight and compact arrangement of the 3.9-M FMA minimizes precious space and payload on the supporting vehicle.

"The new 3.9-M FMA offers many options along with COTS feeds which include C, X, Ku and Ka-bands," Porter added. “Feeds are available in motorized linear or fixed circular polarization with multi-ports. And each feed is modular and self aligning to allow frequency change-over in minutes."

"SATCOM Technologies' designs and produces diplexers, OMT's, horns and networks to ensure compliance with the highest world-wide standards such as Eutelsat and Intelsat," he added.


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