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General Dynamics' new Modular Block Converter (MBC) is leading the industry for reliability and ease-of-use. The MBC features quick and easy 'Hot Swappable' modules for all critical components including converters and its power supply.

Crissy Pierson, SATCOM Technologies RF Electronic Products Business Area Manager, said, "The MBC is considered 'Best-in-Class' because it sets itself apart from competing block converter solutions in a number of ways. Most importantly it is the only modular block converter on the market today that offers five essential components that are truly hot swappable: Converters, Power Supplies, Touch Screen, Logic Card and Fan Assembly."

MBC is "Best-in-Class"
Designed to be a reliable, intelligent, and effortless solution, the MBC has several unique features including:

  • High-performance, low phase-noise, block conversion while utilizing a modular architecture.
  • Front-accessible modules make maintenance effortless and eliminate system complexity.
  • A user-friendly, modern design features simple interfaces, remote monitor and control ability and virtual upgrade and support services.
  • The MBC's flexible, redundant system applications accommodate single-threaded 1:1 and 1:2 system configurations all in a two rack-unit chassis.

"In addition, the front-loaded RF modules allow for effortless replacement with no cable disconnects or tools needed. Modules are removed using hand-tightened thumbscrews and connect into a 'blindmate' backplane for effortless reinsertion."

"And finally, the General Dynamics MBC is the only solution that offers redundant power supplies that are hot-swappable and can be serviced with no loss of unit power," she said.

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White Paper Available for Download
Timothy Shroyer, General Dynamics' Chief Technology Officer for SATCOM Technologies has recently authored a white paper entitled "Modular Block Converters Advance Earth Station Architecture."

The paper examines the requirements that drive the development and use of modular block converters in modern, high-reliability earth stations. Details are provided about how this new high level of performance is achieved in a cost-effective tool for earth station design.

"General Dynamics' development of a new family of modular block converters continues the advancement of reliable solid-state satellite communications established by the Company's ModuMAX and QuadMod power amplifiers," Shroyer said.

"With exceptional RF performance, like gain flatness and stability, low phase noise, and low spurious transmissions, General Dynamics' modular block converters make use of the latest innovations in microwave system design to ensure the absolute best in continuous operation. The paper describes how high-reliability earth stations can make optimal use of the new MBC to ensure maximum on-air performance, all the time, every time."

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