Supernet Ltd selects SATCOM Technologies’ C-Band antennas for GSM backhaul network

June 15, 2010

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies has signed an agreement to supply more than 60 earth station antennas to Supernet Ltd., Pakistan’s leading satellite network service provider, to support a large GSM backhaul network in that country. The backhaul network is being deployed by Supernet for one of Pakistan’s leading regional GSM service providers.

As part of the plan to upgrade mobile telephony services in Pakistan, Supernet will provide GSM backhaul services over satellite for a network consisting of more than 60 sites spread over the country’s mountainous northern areas. Key elements of the new network will include multiple hub sites supported by SATCOM Technologies 6.3M C-Band antennas. All of the remote antennas deployed throughout the network are SATCOM Technologies’ 3.8 m C-Band antennas.

The services will enable the GSM operator to extend its mobile services to the remote areas of Pakistan that are unreachable through any other transmission medium.

Mr. Imran Malik, Chief Executive Officer of Supernet Ltd., said, “We are extremely satisfied with our association with SATCOM Technologies. They are a world-class company with a commitment to customer support and quality. In the past few years we have delivered many large networks based on SATCOM Technologies’ products. Their support has played a vital role in our growth.”

Supernet, offers a wide range of data networking solutions to its customers including satellite and fiber optic-based managed WAN services, digital microwave radio connectivity for managed metropolitan area networks, transit internet, broadband internet access, system integration services, online video surveillance solutions as well as complete web services platforms.

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