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May 27, 2009

Antennas, X-band and dual/simultaneous X-and Ka-band feeds will support high-priority military communications

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is teamed with prime contractor Harris Corporation to design and produce a variety of antennas and satellite communications electronics to support the U.S. Army's Modernization of Enterprise Terminals (MET) program.

The MET program is managed by Team DCATS-Project Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems. Satellite communications terminals developed for the MET will provide the worldwide backbone for high-priority military communications and missile defense systems.

Rob Wade, MET Program Manager at General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies, said, "The SATCOM Technologies portion of the project is to supply antennas and satellite communications electronic products for the SATCOM terminals. We will be supplying new designs for the government to support the new satellites they have in place."

Harris Corporation, serving as prime contractor, will replace up to 80 aging strategic satellite communications terminals around the world with new, simultaneous X- and Ka-band terminals capable of interfacing with the new Wideband Global Satellite constellation as well as with legacy satellite systems. The new terminals will support Internet Protocol and Dedicated Circuit Connectivity within the Global Information Grid, providing critical reach-back capability for the Warfighter.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies will develop the X-band antenna feed as well as the dual/simultaneous X- and Ka-band antenna feed capable of meeting the stringent requirements for low intermodulation products. The Company will also develop 12.2-meter antennas for fixed ground terminals, 7.2-meter antennas for transportable terminals, and 4.8-meter antennas for small terminals. The first terminal is scheduled for fielding in early 2011.

Gary Kanipe, Vice President and General Manager of SATCOM Technologies, said, "The satellite communications terminals the Harris-led team is replacing are more than 30-years old, but our schedule for fielding new equipment is specifically set up to ensure there is no interruption of service. SATCOM Technologies' contribution of antennas and feeds will provide the Warfighter strategic satellite communications and reach-back for this critical military communications system."



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