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General Dynamics' SATCOM Technologies is incorporating its new Fourth Generation (Gen IV) design architecture across its SATCOM On-the-Move product line.

The Company's Gen IV design architecture, included in the newest Model 20 series, builds upon SATCOM Technologies' best-in-class features including gyro stabilization, point and track operational modes, interchangeable RF payloads, direct-drive antenna motors, and a simple L-Band interface which is modem agnostic. In addition, the Gen IV improvements include increased MTBF, reduced weight and an improved air-to-air heat exchanger that can be used for both ground and maritime applications with no further modifications.

Allen Griser, Manager of SATCOM Technologies' Small Antenna Group, said, "SATCOM Technologies pioneered the development of SATCOM-on-the-Move technology more than 15 years ago. Our ruggedized SOTM terminals were the first to meet Churchville B off-road test requirements and receive FCC certification to transmit in the United States."

"Since that time, the General Dynamics' SATCOM On-the-Move product line has delivered proven, high data rate, reliable Ku, Ka-Mil, Ka-Com and X-Band satellite communications while on-the-move in a variety of aperture sizes" Griser said.

Leveraging the combination of an integral tracking receiver, gyro stabilization and an inertial measurement unit, SATCOM Technologies' SOTM terminals provide vital access to voice, video and data in areas where terrestrial communication systems have been damaged, overwhelmed or simply don't exist.

And while these terminals are sensitive enough to accurately receive satellite communications while on-the-move, they are also rugged enough to perform in the most challenging environments.

"All General Dynamics SOTM products share a legacy of proven, reliable performance," Griser added. "General Dynamics SATCOM-on-the-Move terminals are on hundreds of military and commercial aircraft, ships, fast boats and wheeled and tracked vehicles.

"The Gen IV design is being incorporated into all our SOTM products," Griser said. "We look to lead the global SOTM market for fast, reliable mobile satellite communications."

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