General Dynamics' SATCOM Technologies will roll out its new line of uPak and uPod small deployable antenna terminals along with its industry-leading, GaN-based Solid State Power Amplifier, Modular Block Converter and Model 950A Antenna Control System at NAB Booth OE1304.

NAB 2017 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas NV April 24-27. Click here to register for a discounted Exhibit Hall Pass. Use General Dynamics' Discount Code LV9284.

uPod® and uPak® Terminals
Exhibited for the first time at NAB will be the Company's new line of Small Deployable Antenna terminals. SATCOM Technologies' uPod and uPak line of terminals are integrated, compact satellite uplink systems that work seamlessly with any satellite capable of enabling live HD or 4K coverage on-demand.

uPod terminals feature a full automated satellite acquisition and tracking system using differential GPS antenna control technology. Available in 75, 100 and 120cm reflectors, uPod terminals are flyaway capable and robust enough to be permanently mounted onto any vehicle.

Click here to download a full data sheet on the C100QD uPod system.

uPak terminals provide a high bandwidth connection capable of high speed data transmissions in both manual and motorized versions. With single button operation, the unit can be used by anyone with little or no training. uPak units are lightweight and extremely portable, designed to be transported as checked baggage on an airline or in a backpack for remote field operations.

Click here download a full data sheet on the uPak C060QDM.

Modular Block Converter (MBC)
Also featured in SATCOM Technologies' NAB product display is its new Modular Block Converter (MBC).

The MBC features quick and easy 'Hot Swappable' modules for all critical components including converters and its power supply.

The new family of 1:1 and 1:2 redundant modular block converters, configured in a single chassis, demonstrates exceptional RF performance such as gain flatness and stability, low phase noise and low spurious emissions.

The General Dynamics MBC makes use of the latest in microwave system design including:

  • Single-chassis 1:1 and 1:2 configurations
  • Fully hot-swappable converter, power supply, control and fan modules
  • Outstanding frequency synthesizer performance and flexibility
  • Automatic internal and external 5 or 10 MHz frequency reference selection
  • Front panel control and module access and modern control interfaces including SNMP and serial

Click here to download more information about the Modular Block Converter.

The MBC is also one of SATCOM Technologies' Ready-to-Go™ (RTG) products. RTG products comprise many of the Company's popular standard products with guaranteed 'on-the-shelf' shipping within 30 days of an accepted order. In addition to being an RTG product, the Modular Block Converter is offered with a special five-year warranty on all units ordered before June 30th, 2017.

ModuMAX GaN SSPA Systems - Ku-Band
The Company will also showcase its market-leading ModuMAX Gallium Nitride (GaN) Solid State Power Amplifier. A revolutionary concept in solid-state power amplifiers, SATCOM Technologies' ModuMAX series eliminates the need for a spare power amplifier or for redundant switchover networks in many satellite earth station applications.

ModuMAX SSPAs, using GaN-based amplifiers, are completely modular RF amplifier systems offering output power of up to 1.8 kilowatts in Ku-Band. Patented technology uses handheld, hot-swappable, plug-in RF modules, power supplies, and electronic assemblies to maximize performance and minimize downtime in SATCOM systems. An advanced interface and control system allows remote access and operation.

Click here to download a complete data sheet on the ModuMAX GaN SSPA.

Model 950A Antenna Control System
Rounding out SATCOM Technologies' NAB product display is the Company's Model 950A Antenna Control System (ACS).

The Model 950A ACS can be used with almost any limited motion antenna for precision satellite tracking applications. The system comprises an Antenna Control Unit (ACU), Tracking Receiver Unit (TRU) and a Power Drive Unit (PDU) which are linked via dedicated Ethernet connections. This provides flexibility in locating the key system components allows for variable separation distances and provides immunity to electrical ground plane transients.

The Model 950A ACS easily meets the extraordinarily demanding Intelsat STD A EIRP Transmit stability tracking requirement and offers extensive modes for pointing, acquisition and tracking. In addition, the Model 950A's software is field-upgradable via a simple USB interface.

The standard Model 950A antenna control units are also designated SATCOM Technologies' 'RTG' (Ready-to-Go) products which means units can be delivered within 30 days of an accepted order.

Click here to download a full data sheet on the Model 950A Controller.



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