SATCOM Technologies' new CustomerCare™ organization is the result of extensive interviews and input from the Company's customers.

Tom Goebelbecker, Vice President of Sales for General Dynamics' C4ISR, said, "You could say our CustomerCare™ program was even designed by our customers."

"More than a year ago, we engaged our customers to find out, first-hand, what they needed most from us. They asked; and we listened."

"Our customers' input made it clear that a timely response and improved, sustained communications are critical factors for success. As a result, we streamlined our CustomerCare decision-making to provide answers and solutions to customer questions or problems, and we enhanced our Help Desk to serve as a primary information portal to help our customers navigate our organization to get the help they need," Goebelbecker said.

Majid Ghanouni, Director of Customer Care Services, added, "Our CustomerCare™ program is based on two key communications principles that our customers rated most important:

  • Initiate a timely response to questions and issues


  • Establish improved, and sustained communications until all issues are resolved

"Customer Care Services is SATCOM Technologies' commitment to providing the highest quality support possible, and to make it easy for clients to do business with us," Ghanouni said.

"Our goal is to create a better customer experience for our clients at every stage and level of contact with our organization."

The revised concept for CustomerCare™ starts with a rethink of the Help Desk staff.

Instead of having out-sourced telephone operators answering calls, the front-line CustomerCare™ Help Desk staff members are experienced SATCOM, RF and System Engineering professionals.

"We get calls for information on our newest products to requests for help on antennas that have been in the field for more than 35 years," Ghanouni said. In many cases, our Help Desk staffers have the experience to provide immediate suggestions for solving customer issues. Plus, their familiarity with the SATCOM Technologies organization can speed up solutions from other areas of the Company."

SATCOM Technologies CustomerCare™ organization responded to nearly 2,000 'tickets' or requests for help in 2015. More than 60% of the technical inquiries have been resolved on the same day the call came in.

"CustomerCare™ has a highly refined process for handling customer queries that follows a traceable path from when the call originates and a trouble ticket is issued, through case management, resolution and closure," Ghanouni said. "At each step, we are committed to an enhanced program of customer communications that exemplifies customer advocacy," he added.

For more information on SATCOM Technologies' CustomerCare™ program, visit our website at

SATCOM Technologies' Customer Care Services Help Desk can be reached at +1-770-689-2040 (Monday - Friday, during normal business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time).

The Company's off-hours Answering Service can be reached at:

  • North America:1-888-874-7646
  • Outside North America: +1-619-240-8480


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