Drop-in Replacement SSPA Allows for Rapid Migration from Traveling Wave Tube to Solid State Technology

General Dynamics' new Compact QuadMod Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) is designed to allow broadcasters that use C-Band tube-driven amplifiers to easily transition to solid state technology. The new product will be showcased at General Dynamics' NAB Booth #OE826, April 13-16 in Las Vegas.

The new Compact QuadMod SSPA is a completely modular, hot-swappable RF amplifier system that offers 630 watts of P1dB in Extended C-Band.

Designed as a drop-in replacement for TWTA systems, the Compact QuadMod SSPA is ideally suited for high-value, satellite uplink stations and other communications hubs where signal reliability, availability and transmission quality are critical to success.

Tom Russell, Technical Director for SATCOM Technologies' RF Electronic Products, said, "The new Compact QuadMod SSPA makes it easy for broadcasters in C-Band to upgrade from Travelling Wave Tube power amplifiers to solid state technology and enjoy the benefits of superior reliability, power and ease of maintenance."

The Compact QuadMod SSPA offers maximum uptime and is designed for exceptional ease of maintenance. All critical components are redundant and hot-swappable parts including RF modules, power supply modules, cooling fans, NIC PCB, Front Panel, Parallel I/O PCB, Logic PCB, and Flexible Cable Assemblies. As a result, the Compact QuadMod SSPA is extremely reliable, fault-tolerant and provides long-life and low total cost of ownership.

Click here to download a complete datasheet on the Compact QuadMod SSPA.

Features include:

  • Drop-in Replacement to TWTA systems
  • 100% Uptime and Superior Ease of maintenance
  • Modular, Hot-Swappable High Power Amplifiers
  • Extended C-Band 630 Watts P1dB, 315 Watts of Linear Output Power
  • Outstanding Reliability in Single and Multi-Carrier Operations

SATCOM Technologies offers 19 models of standard ModuMAX and QuadMod SSPAs in C and Ku-Bands as part of General Dynamics' Ready-to-Go product offerings. Each comes with a limited time offer of an extended warranty for an additional two years - a five-year total warranty for all units sold through June 30, 2015.



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