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March 20, 2009

General Dynamics Booth will also showcase state-of-the-art Satcom-on-the-Move™ displays.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies will display its extensive line of Satellite Communications products at Satellite 2009, March 25-27 at the Washington, DC Convention Center in Booth #127.

Complimentary Exhibit Hall Passes for Satellite 2009, an $89.00 value, are available. Click here to register for your free Satellite 2009 Exhibit Hall Pass.

XMTNew This Year: General Dynamics' Warrior MicroSat (XMT) terminal for secure or non-secure communications over X-band.

General Dynamics' Warrior X-band Micro Terminal (XMT) is a dual use terminal solution that permits X-band operation at 1544 kbps outbound. The Warrior X-band Micro Terminal (XMT) is fully equipped to handle any IP application. The robust terminal is comprised of a small ( 18" X 18") planar-array, manually aligned antenna, micro transceiver, iDirect or HNS modem and a laptop/palmtop. Multiple AC and DC power options are available.

Additional General Dynamics commercial and military SATCOM products on display in Booth #127 include the Company's Warrior 240 TMST, Mobile Satcom terminal, the Warrior 96 lightweight flyaway terminal, the Warrior Model 17-17LP Satcom-on-the-Move™ terminal, the Sentinel Auto Acquire Antenna, and the Model 1138 1.2m QD Quick Deploy Antenna. Also on display are samples of the Company's state-of-the-art rack-mounted power amplifiers.


Warrior 240Warrior 240 TMST: Mobile Satcom
The Warrior 240 Trailer Mounted Satellite Terminal (TMST) can be configured for either SATCOM or Troposcatter communications and can operate over C, Ku, Ka or X-Band frequencies. It provides transmit and receive data rates up to 155 megabits per second and can be set up in less than 20-minutes. Click here for more information on the Warrior 240 TMST.



Warrior 96Warrior 96 Lightweight, Flyaway Unit
General Dynamics' portable satellite terminal, the Warrior 96, is a flyaway unit that provides secure or non-secure communications over Ku-band (Ka and X-band available) and is fully equipped to handle any IP application. Click here for more information about the Warrior 96.



Warrior 17Warrior 17-17LP Satcom-on-the-Move™ Terminal
General Dynamics will feature a static display of its Warrior 17-17LP SOTM terminal, one of the smallest antenna configurations in the SOTM product line. General Dynamics' Satcom-on-the-Move™ terminals offer robust voice and data wideband satellite communications from vehicles in motion over rugged terrain. X, Ku and Ka-band modular, interchangeable payloads are available in antenna sizes ranging from 17" to 24". The full motion SOTM terminals can be deployed on a wide variety of on-road and off-road military and commercial vehicles via the General Dynamics’ flexible Above-the-Deck™ flush mount design. Click here to download the Warrior 17-17LP Terminal data sheet.


SentinelSentinel: Rugged, Stow-Mobile VSAT
General Dynamics' 1.2M Sentinel Auto Acquire Antenna is a stow-mobile VSAT system that provides immediate Internet access on multiple Ku-band satellite platforms. Featuring superior polarization and signal strength, the Sentinel assures remote, real time communications. Click here to download the Sentinel data sheet.



Model 1138Model 1138 1.2m QD Quick Deploy Antenna
The lightweight 1.2-meter Quick Deploy antennas are designed for worldwide transmit and receive operation in C, X, Ku and Ka-band. These portable antennas consist of Precision Compression Molded reflectors and a compact aluminum pedestal. This results in a durable antenna with superior stiffness and high performance under wind loading conditions. Click here to download the 1.2M QD data sheet.



8 GHz Solid-State Power Amplifier
The 8 GHz rack-mount SSPA offers an output power of 350 watts across the standard 7.90-8.40 GHz satellite uplink band. The SSPA incorporates a modular architecture that includes the RF modules, power supplies, logic, fans, and front panel assembly. The amplifier is designed for reliable service in fixed and mobile applications. Click here to download the 8GHz SSPA data sheet.


Low Power Solid-State Power Amplifiers
General Dynamics' low power, rack-mount SSPA offers output powers of up to 50 watts in C-, X-, and Ku-Band satellite uplink bands. Click here to download the Low Power SSPA data sheet.



For more information on General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies contact Jimene Conn, at +1-770-689-2052 or via e-mail at Jimene.Conn@gdsatcom.com.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies offers a family of satellite and wireless communications products and services under its VertexRSI, Prodelin, and Gabriel brands. Visit our web site at http://www.gdsatcom.com/.

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