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General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies - RF Electronics (GDST-RFE) is committed to providing products that meet high quality standards. To ensure that commitment, GDST-RFE continually evaluates the features and benefits of our product lines along with planning for parts obsolescence.

GDST-RFE has determined that key parts used on our Redundant System Controller are becoming obsolete. The current RSC Controller series, RSC-1100, RSC-1200 and RSC-1111 will be phased-out and no longer be available by approximately the end of January, 2015. We have some inventory remaining on the legacy RSC series and estimate that we can fulfill orders with the legacy models through approximately early 2015.

New Redundant System Controller Introduced
GDST-RFE has introduced a new Redundant System Controller (Series RSC11V1, RSC12V1 and RSCD1V1) to replace the legacy Redundant System Controllers. The new RSC Series units can also replace the Company's Remote Control Panels for Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) by programming the unit. Reprogramming an RSC to become an RCP (and the reverse) can be done through the front panel controls by the user. The new RSC Series covers a multitude of configuration set-ups for both the Redundant System Controller and the Remote Control Panels for LNAs.

Previous products Replacement products
RSC-1100 series 1:1 controllers and
RCP-1100 remote control panels
RSC11V1 Series
RSC-1200 series 1:2 controllers and
RCP-1200 remote control panels
RSC12V1 Series
RSC-1111 series 1:2 controllers and
RCP-1111 remote control panels
RSCD1V1 Series

Timing and New Key Features
Beginning in January 2015, GDST-RFE will release the new RSC Series products that feature a smaller package (1RU) and provide full functionality of the legacy RSC and RCP for LNAs. Although the product form has changed, the new units include all of the interface capability of the legacy units. M&C interfaces for serial I/O, parallel I/O, and external alarms are identical. However, the switch plate assembly interface has necessarily been reduced in size. GDST-RFE provides a universal adaptor cable to connect the new controllers with existing site interface cables.

The reduced packaging footprint is aimed to better support earth station and business operational needs. In addition, improved access to the RSC Series' software features can be achieved via the onboard Ethernet port. Features include:

  • Ethernet features such as static IP, DHCP, ping, etc.
  • Network monitoring features via SNMPv1 and SNMPv2
  • HTTP/HTML based GUI via Ethernet port
  • RSC and RCP and serial monitoring and control
  • Software upgradeable via Ethernet

Warranty Information RSC-1100, -1200, -1100 and RCP-1100, -1200, -1111 Legacy - Products
GDST-RFE is committed to honor the standard 3-year warranty obligation for this product from the date of shipment. Please note that if these redundant system controllers and remote control panels for LNAs require parts we can no longer obtain, it may be necessary to issue a NEW replacement model if repairs involve the legacy products. After the warranty period ends, GDST-RFE will continue support legacy models as long as feasibly possible or support customers with new models as needed.

New RSC and RCP Series Specification Sheet
Click here to download a specification sheet on the new Redundant System Controllers and Remote Control Panels for LNAs. The new products are warranted for three (3) full years from date of shipment.

GDST-RFE appreciates and values our business relationship and looks forward to your continued interest in our products. We are eager to supply your future RF Electronic product requirements. If you should have any questions, please contact the sales office in State College, PA (+1-814-238-2700 or or your local representative office for quote or other information.

Best Regards,

Crissy L. Pierson
Business Manager, RF Electronics
General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies
60 Decibel Road, Suite 200
State College, PA 16801



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