The network of seven ground stations will enable Canada's Department of National Defense to access the Wideband Global Satellite Communications System.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies has been selected to provide its 13.2-Meter earth terminals in support of Canada's Mercury Global communications program.

Under terms of the contract, SATCOM Technologies will design, build and install seven 13.2-Meter Ka and X-Band earth stations in support of Prime Contractor GD Canada.

The network of Mercury Global anchor stations will allow Canada's Department of National Defense to access the Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) constellation and will provide high speed secure communications for deployed Canadian Forces around the globe.

Marvin Shoemake, Vice President of Business Development for SATCOM Technologies, said, "The 13.2-Meter earth stations SATCOM Technologies is providing to the Mercury Global program are the highest performing, most reliable and most widely deployed 13-Meter SATCOM terminals available today. They are U.S. Army Strategic Command ARSTRAT certified; and offer the highest radio frequency link through a proven X/Ka-band operation."

"In addition," Shoemake said, "General dynamics controls the complete supply chain for our solution which means we have complete control over quality, component supply and product delivery lead time. This ensures the end user has the lowest acquisition risk and the lowest life-cycle cost during in-service support."

The first earth station is scheduled for installation in December, 2015.



General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is a leading global supplier of satellite communications earth stations. The Company has extensive experience supplying large radio telescope and telecommunications antennas and high performance control systems to NASA and the global astronomy community.

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