SATCOM Technologies’ .98 and 1.2-Meter Mobile VSAT Terminals Provide Reliable SATCOM for Oil and Gas Exploration

SATCOM Technologies’ Mobile VSAT terminals are being recognized as low-cost communications solutions in industries where hard use and environmental extremes of temperature, high winds, and dust cause may other systems to fail.

“The use of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) satellite communications in remote areas is not new,” said Todd Hershberger, Product Line Manager for General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies. “But making our Mobile VSAT terminals rugged enough to withstand daily use in the harshest environments is helping SATCOM Technologies expand its market presence.”

The .98 and 1.2-Meter Mobile VSAT terminals produced by SATCOM Technologies in its Newton, North Carolina facility are featured in the current print and online issues of NG Oil & Gas MENA (Next Generation Oil and Gas Middle East North Africa ( SATCOM Technologies has a full page advertisement in the magazine along with a 1,000-word article on “Making Mobile VSAT Work” available online.

“We’re not the first to put VSAT in the harsh environments of well sites and gas fields,” Hershberger said, but our units are specially built to withstand the worst use and environmental conditions imaginable.”

The Mobile VSAT terminal reflectors are manufactured with high-strength molded Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester for stiffness and the pedestals are powder-coated aluminum. Hardware is stainless steel; and the bushings are oil-impregnated bronze. General Dynamics Mobile VSAT terminals are rated for performance in severe temperature conditions ranging from -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to 60°C) and in wind conditions up to 40 MPH (67km/h).

In addition to the extreme environmental conditions inherent with Oil and Gas exploration, the exploration crews are not overloaded with specialists dedicated to communications support. Therefore, any VSAT communication system designed to securely connect remote drilling operations to their home offices needs to be not only rugged but very easy to set up and operate.

“SATCOM Technologies’ Mobile VSAT terminal mounts on almost any vehicle’s roof or trailer for high mobility or transported in lightweight transit cases for setup at a job site.” Hershberger added “The terminal’s auto-acquisition feature takes the guess work out of pointing the antenna,” Hershberger said. “With the push of a button, the satellite terminal deploys, automatically aligns itself and acquires the satellite to transmit and receive vital data.

The unit can be programmed to choose among a wide variety of Ku-Band satellites. Operating in Ku-band, the SATCOM Technologies Mobile VSAT terminals are programmed to automatically align with the proper satellite selected from a list of more than 50 satellites covering the globe.”

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