SATCOM Solutions has received additional government orders for its M20-20 SATCOM-on-the-Move (SOTM) terminals, and a new contract for its M20-24IR Improved Road SOTM unit.

The first contract is a follow-on order for 64 M20-20 terminals for the military. The SOTM terminals will be used to support critical communications between command centers and deployed units.

A second government order is for 15 M20-20 Ku-Band SOTM terminals to be used on military vehicles in direct support of deployed forces. The terminals will maintain mission-critical connectivity for soldiers and commanders at the company level and up to higher echelons.

A third order, for the Company's new M20-24IR Improved Road Terminal, is a fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for 80 Ku-Band terminals, Ka-Band conversion kits and X-Band conversion kits. The government customer is using the terminals to provide immediate crisis response communications capabilities.

To date 675 General Dynamics SATCOM-on-the-Move terminals have been delivered and fielded by government customers around the world.

Dependable SOTM...Through Rotor Blades

In addition to the recent orders, SATCOM Solutions SOTM terminals were featured in a groundbreaking demonstration of airborne SOTM technology on helicopters.

The tests were conducted on manned helicopter flights with the Company's M17-17A Ka-Commercial SOTM terminals mounted below the rotors. The units sent uninterrupted transmissions of voice and video at 10Mbps to the test facilities' base station. The Company's M13-17LPA Ka-Commercial SOTM terminal was also included in the tests and achieved a static data rate of 42 Mbps. The M13-17LPA is the first SOTM antenna that incorporates the Company's 'Generation IV' design which includes an all carbon fiber structure and an improved electronics suite which reduces cost and weight and improves reliability for helicopters, UAVs and aircraft.

Marvin Shoemake, SATCOM Solutions Vice President of Sales, said, "For more than four years, General Dynamics' standard SATCOM-on-the-Move terminals have been supplying reliable, uninterrupted video, voice and data for military and commercial applications. Today, our follow-on orders and our new contracts for our fielded terminals underscore our leadership in SATCOM-on-the-Move technology."

"Our new, SATCOM-on-the-Move improved road and airborne terminals are successors to our rugged, standard units and provide lightweight, lower cost SATCOM-on-the-Move for a wide variety of mobile platforms."



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