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September 12, 2006

VertexRSI brand equipment provides robust, high quality beyond-line-of-sight communications with or without satellite space segment

General Dynamics C4 Systems has released a series of innovative multi-mode tactical terminals under the VertexRSI brand that allow communication via satellite (using C-, X-, Ku-or Ka-Band) or via troposcatter (and/or diffraction or line of sight) in highly transportable, self-contained, field-configurable packages. The terminals incorporate modern, industry-leading carbon fiber, truck/trailer-mount or "fly-away" antenna systems to suit a variety of applications. Now, quickly deployable tactical terminals can be utilized for reliable, high-speed troposcatter communication links that compete effectively with the utility and ease-of-use associated with satellite communications.

A novel Ku-Band troposcatter antenna feed system generates simultaneous dual beams in the elevation plane, facilitating "angle diversity" transmission and eliminating the need for the second antenna used in conventional troposcatter terminals. Diffraction-mode and line-of-site communication are also readily accommodated with the terminal configured for troposcatter operation. Custom-tailored electronic products facilitate straight-forward terminal setup and operation with minimal equipment change and maximum versatility. An auto-acquisition terminal control system provides deploy, acquire, track and stow functions, as well as supervisory control of RF and baseband components for streamlined terminal operation.

Beyond bringing troposcatter communication capability into a modern paradigm for tactical terminal transportability, VertexRSI has set a new standard for troposcatter link performance with the TM-20 Troposcatter Modem. With quad-diversity data rates to 20 Mbps, dual-diversity data rates to 40 Mbps and unmatched Eb/No and delay spread performance, the TM-20 has literally redefined troposcatter link capability.

From antennas and modems to properly engineered turnkey solutions, General Dynamics now offers the most complete line of troposcatter products and services, from L-Band through Ku-Band. These cutting-edge products provide exceptional value and capability for any application, whether tactical/transportable or fixed.

Roger Wieting, General Manager of Projects and Technical Services said, "Effective communication beyond line-of-sight or over-the-horizon (nominally to 150 miles) has been accomplished for many years using troposcatter links. But, until now the use of troposcatter has been associated with bulky, power-hungry equipment and relatively low data rates. Our troposcatter communication products have allowed us to re-define the look, feel and performance of troposcatter systems, with a significant expansion of previously accepted performance boundaries.

"Our new multi-mode terminals build upon our industry-standard line of highly transportable tactical SATCOM terminals, sharing a mature, field-proven platform," Wieting said. "With dual-mode tropo/satcom capability, users have the ability to establish either SATCOM or troposcatter operation in the field, depending upon the deployment situation. In addition, many existing VertexRSI tactical terminals already in the field can be readily upgraded with troposcatter capability."

The VertexRSI Line of Troposcatter products includes:

  • Fixed Antennas to 9-Meter Aperture Size (L-Band through Ku-Band)
  • 2.4-Meter Truck/Trailer-Mount Antennas (Ku-Band or C-Band Tropo; C/X/Ku/Ka-Band Satcom)
  • 2.4-Meter Fly-Away Antennas (Ku-Band or C-Band Tropo; C/X/Ku/Ka-Band Satcom)
  • Auto-Acquisition Terminal Controllers
  • TM-20 Troposcatter Modem – Unparalleled Performance to 20 Mbps
  • Fixed-Site Antenna Support Towers for Virtually any Application and Environment
  • Frequency Converters

Click on the following titles to download the new VertexRSI Troposcatter data sheets

NEW 2.4 Meter SM-LT Troposcatter Antenna (PDF)
NEW 2.4 Meter HWT Troposcatter Antenna (PDF)
NEW TM-20 Troposcatter Modem (PDF)

"We are delighted to offer this outstanding and unmatched line of troposcatter communication products to the market," Wieting added. "Operation of links incorporating these products in the field under a wide range of environmental conditions have confirmed VertexRSI's position as the clear industry leader in troposcastter system performance. Our troposcatter and multi-mode tactical terminals represent nothing short of an industry revolution for applications requiring quick transport, ready deployment and maximum versatility."


For more information on VertexRSI's line of troposcatter products, contact: Rollin Kindig, Director of Project Sales, at 903-988-6152 or via e-mail at rollin.kindig@gdsatcom.com.

General Dynamics C4 Systems offers a wide range of satellite and wireless communications products and services under its VertexRSI, Prodelin and Gabriel brands. Visit our web site at http://www.gdsatcom.com.

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