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  July 13, 2006

VertexRSI Tri-Band Products Covered by Two-Year Warranty

Due to component obsolescence, General Dynamics C4 Systems has announced a Last Time Buy opportunity for some of its legacy VertexRSI Tri-Band Up and Down Converters. Last time buy orders are being taken now through August 1, 2006.

As part of the offer, all products purchased under the "Last Time Buy" plan will be serviced according to the Company’s current two-year warranty program for Tri-Band products. Service beyond the warranty period will be based upon parts availability.

Products included in the Last Time Buy opportunity are:

Down Converters Up Converters
DCST-101-2-011 UCST-101-2-010
DCST-101-2-010 UCST-101-2-009
DCST-101-2-009 UCST-101-2-008
DCBT 107-2 UCBT 107-2
DCBT 109-2 UCBT 109-2
DCBT 111-2 UCBT 111-2

Please Note: The last time buy notice does not apply to VertexRSI's SCR Synthesized Converter line of products.

VertexRSI is developing a transition path to new Tri-Band Block Converters to take advantage of new product offerings in the fall. For more information, contact us at 814-238-2700.


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