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  June 14, 2006

VertexRSI brand, self-aligning antenna operates in L through DBS frequencies

General Dynamics C4 Systems is introducing a new 7.3-Meter 'bolt-together' SATCOM antenna. Produced by General Dynamics VertexRSI brand, the 7.3-Meter product delivers exceptional broadband pattern and gain performance for transmit and receive applications across the spectrum from L through the DBS-frequency band.

The antenna is easy to install due to its precision formed panels, contoured radials, large machined hub enclosure and pre-assembled and tested feed system. The reflector is comprised of 20, light-weight yet sturdy aluminum panels. Each panel is coated with a durable, white diffusive coating for protection against the elements.

Jeff Johnson, General Dynamics C4 Systems Product Line Director, said, "The VertexRSI 7.3-Meter self-aligning antenna reduces time and effort in the field to provide the best installed value for a 7-Meter class SATCOM antenna. The new antenna has completed rigorous performance tests at VertexRSI's state-of-the-art antenna test range in Kilgore, Texas. The antenna's electrical performance meets Intelsat and Eutelsat requirements and is compliant with FCC and ITU-RS-580 sidelobe specifications."

"Integral to the antenna system is the fully galvanized and motorizable pedestal that provides the stiffness required for accurate pointing and tracking," Johnson added. "The standard pedestal configuration provides 120 degrees continuous or 200 degrees segmented azimuth travel and zero to 90 degrees continuous elevation travel. Special high-wind and extended travel options also are available," Johnson said.

The new 7.3-Meter antenna is available for delivery in a variety of feed configurations including L, S, C, X, Ku and DBS. Other specialized feeds are available for extended and multi-band applications. A full complement of ancillary equipment also can be provided with the antenna including antenna tracking and control systems, reflector and feed de-icing systems, environmental hub configurations and integrated waveguide cross axis kits. Complete antenna systems are available using VertexRSI LNA or LNB systems, SSPAs, converters and monitor and control systems. Most configurations can be delivered with a 30 to 45-day lead time from the VertexRSI factory.


For more information on VertexRSI’s Model 7.3-meter antenna, Click Here to download the Model 7.3m Cassegrain Antenna data sheet, or contact: AJ Sparacino, Sales Manager, at 903-988-6084 or via e-mail at aj.sparacino@gdsatcom.com.

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