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New SOTM™ terminal enables non-stop high bandwidth tactical communications

The US Army’s Tactical Radio Communications Systems (TRCS) and Mounted Battle Command On The Move (MBCOTM) have recently ordered 12 Satcom-On-The-Move™ terminals and associated equipment from General Dynamics C4 Systems.

The MBCOTM systems will use compliant waveforms and an On-The-Move™ (OTM™) Ku-band satcom terminal that is ruggedized to meet the harsh environments in which the MBCOTM and their command and control vehicles are expected to maneuver when deployed.

The US Army’s PM TRCS’s PEO C3T Special Projects Office and PM MBCOTM Office evaluated many On-The-Move antenna systems and concluded that the VertexRSI system was the only ruggedized terminal that has FCC authorization to transmit and meets the Churchville B off-road test course requirements.

Developed for use under General Dynamics’ VertexRSI brand, the SOTM™ terminal has successfully demonstrated that the antenna can track a satellite and remain locked on the satellite during extreme off road conditions.

Ralph White, General Manager-of General Dynamics’ C4 Systems’ Richardson, Texas facility, said, “The Army chose the VertexRSI SOTM terminal because it provides these fundamental performance features:

  • Reliable and continuous communications with the satellite while On-The-Move
  • Transmit and recieve data rates of up to 2 mb/s and more have been demonstrated while On-The-Move
  • The terminals are designed for use on a variety of military wheeled or tracked vehicles, and heavy duty commercial vehicles in a wide range of operating conditions”

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that all small SOTM terminals require special FCC authorization to transmit in the United States.

“VertexRSI’s SOTM terminal is the first and only ruggedized system designed to meet the stringent FCC requirements and to secure FCC authorization,” White said.

Nathan Knutson, Director-Government Strategic Programs for C4 Systems, added, “The VertexRSI SOTM terminal is practical and relevant to both Current Force and Objective Force concepts of operations. Today’s lighter, more agile fighting forces can quickly relocate beyond the range of stationary communication systems so they need real-time situational awareness information. High-speed, robust mobile communications are a requirement for systems supporting the ISR community. The faster data rates of this terminal offer the much needed capabilities of real-time full-motion video as well as large data and image file transfers in seconds, as opposed to many minutes or hours,” Knutson said.

For more information on VertexRSI’s Antenna Products contact: Nathan Knutson at 903-988-6061.or via email at Nathan.Knutson@tripointglobal.com. Visit our web site at www.tripointglobal.com

General Dynamics C4 Systems offers a family of satellite and wireless communications products and services under its VertexRSI, Prodelin, and Gabriel brands. Visit our web site at http://www.tripointglobal.com.

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