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  May 31, 2006

New, NSM-50M Offers Increased Speed, Port Routing, and Modem Support.

General Dynamics C4 Systems is introducing a new Nodal Satellite Multiplexer that offers increased speed and improved performance and versatility.

Produced by General Dynamics' VertexRSI brand, the NSM-50M is a small, lightweight synchronous time-division multiplexer that provides aggregate interfaces to satellite modems and group interfaces to terrestrial equipment.

The NSM-50M delivers cost-effective solutions to satellite communication multiplexing demands. In its legacy mode, the NSM-50M is interoperable with and functionally replaces the legacy TD-1377 Tactical Satellite Signal Processor (TSSP). In its enhanced mode, the NSM-50M is interoperable with MIDAS, GMT and other Mil-Std 188-168 compliant equipment.

Brent Jones, Sales Manager for General Dynamics C4 Systems VertexRSI said, "The new NSM has a number of enhancements and added features that improve its speed and performance over previous NSM products. We’ve increased the maximum aggregate port data rate to 52 Mbps and the maximum group port data rate to 8.448 Mbps."

"This 'fourth generation' NSM offers increased capability over previous NSM models," Jones said. "The addition of two HSSI ports per EIA-530 standards as well as an HSSI connection on the aggregate port gives users the flexibility to use higher speed modems up to 52 Mbps. The unit also has the capability to prioritize any number of available reference clocks for automatic detection, lock and fallback which makes it one of the most reliable and versatile units available," he added.

Full SATCOM Support:
The NSM-50M supports fully connected mesh networks with up to seven nodes. It multiplexes up to 12 group inputs (selected in any combination from the 26 ports ) into a single aggregate stream for transmission providing more efficient use of bandwidth since guardbands between channels are not required. The unit also features a digital signal processor that performs frame synchronization acquisition, maintenance, initialization, configuration, control telemetry, aggregate error rate monitoring and built-in test functions.

Compact Design:
The NSM-50M is packaged in a single rack unit enclosure. Included in that space-saving framework are:

  • One multiplexer with one spare aggregate output
  • Six demultiplexers with one spare demultiplexer switchover input
  • 12 active terrestrial-side group interfaces with satellite Doppler buffers (selected from 26 available ports), and
  • A secure/non-secure voice orderwire bridge with ring detection and generation

User Friendly:
The NSM-50M is managed via an EIA RS-232 or RS-485 port connected to a personal computer. A user-friendly graphical monitor and control interface provides extensive diagnostic reporting.


More information on the VertexRSI NSM-50M may be obtained by contacting Brent Jones at (903) 295-1480 Ext. 271 or via e-mail at brent.jones@gdsatcom.com

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