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April 13, 2006  

Product Transition Path in Place for New SSPA Units in C, Ku and X-Bands

General Dynamics C4 Systems has announced a Last Time Buy opportunity for its existing C, Ku, and X Band Indoor and Outdoor non-modular SSPAs.

Last time buy orders for the company’s traditional line of non-modular SSPAs are being taken now through May 15.

As part of the offer, all products will be serviced according to the Company’s current three-year warranty program. Service beyond the warranty period will be based upon parts availability.

The Company has developed a transition path to update its legacy SSPAs. The affected products and the migration path to the new SSPA product lines are shown in the table below.

C-Band (Indoor & Outdoor) C-Band (Indoor & Outdoor)
PCD6S_ _ _(Power 25-50W) LPCD6_ _ _(Power 25-50W)
PCD6S_ _ _(Power 100-200W) SPCD6_ _ _(Power 100-250W)
PCD6S_ _ _(Power 350-400W) DPCD6_ _ _(Power 400W)
Ku-Band (Indoor & Outdoor) Ku-Band (Indoor & Outdoor)
PKM14S020X LPKM14025X
PKM14S0_ _ _ _X (Power 40-100W) SPKM14_ _ _ _X (Power 50-100W)
PKM14S200X DPKM14200RX
X-Band (Indoor & Outdoor) X-Band (Indoor & Outdoor)
------------------------ LPXB8025X
------------------------ LPXB8050X
------------------------ SPXB8100X
------------------------ SPXB8125X
------------------------ SPXB8200X
------------------------ DPXB8350X
PXB8S_ _ _ _N (Power 50-200W) SPXB8_ _ _N
Product Datasheets for new VertexRSI Brand SSPA products are available at www.gdsatcom.com

The Last Time Buy notice does not apply to VertexRSI modular SSPA product lines including the ModuMax, QuadMod, Antenna Mount, or existing SP-series NEMA SSPAs. In addition, new SSPA products may not be compatible with legacy redundancy systems and serial communications protocols. Purchasers are directed to refer to the specific product datasheets for details or contact VertexRSI at 814-238-2700 for assistance.


For more information on General Dynamics’ Electronic Products contact: T.J. Mayo, Sales Manager at 814-238-2700 Ext. 310 or via email at tj.mayo@gdsatcom.com.

General Dynamics C4 Systems offers a family of satellite and wireless communications products and services under its VertexRSI, Prodelin, and Gabriel brands. Visit our web site at http://www.gdsatcom.com.

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