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April 11, 2005

New 4.6-Meter Transportable Unit Fits Into C-130 Aircraft and Deploys in 10 Minutes

General Dynamics C4 Systems’ new 4.6-Meter DMC/K transportable SATCOM units are meeting the requirement for transmit and receive operation for On-The-Halt™ and On-The Quick-Halt™ assignments. The new units are part of a broad range of terminals General Dynamics is supplying under its VertexRSI brand to meet communications requirements in dynamic operational environments whether for commercial, government, or military use.

Jeff Porter, General Manager for C4 Systems’ VertexRSI antenna business, said, “The complete 4.6-Meter antenna system is designed for rapid deployment anywhere in the world. The antenna uses folding side ‘wings’ to achieve a compact stow configuration and its trailer components also fold to make it air transportable on a C-130-type aircraft. Its specially designed light-weight trailer ensures convenient towing by a wide range of vehicles. On the ground, the complete unit can be deployed by one man in 10 minutes.” The 4.6-Meter DMC/K transportable can be configured to transmit and receive via C, X, or Ku-band satellites worldwide.

The Company recently delivered a 4.6-Meter DMC/K unit to the White Sands Missile Range. The 4.6-Meter DMC/K can be configured to meet a wide range of communications requirements,” Porter said. The recent delivery of the unit shown in the photo, featured a number of communications products produced by VertexRSI including three feeds (Ku-Band, C-Band linear and C-Band circular), antenna mounted solid state power amplifiers and a rack of antenna control modules, modems, low noise amplifiers and de-iceing equipment.

“General Dynamics C4 systems is providing On-The Quick-Halt™ and On-The-Move™ communications to meet the changing strategic and tactical requirements for the United States and its allies around the world,” Porter added. “The new 4.6-Meter DMC/K transportable will provide fast, reliable satellite communications for units in the field.”

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General Dynamics C4 Systems offers a family of satellite and wireless communications products and services under its VertexRSI, Prodelin, and Gabriel brands. Visit our web site at http://www.tripointglobal.com.

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